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This James Beard Award-winning site is dedicated to critical thought about the American food system. A team of writers works to cultivate a conversation around sustainable agriculture in an effort to build economically and socially just communities.

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April 23rd marks the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. Writer, blogger, and language lover John Kelly celebrates the occasion by reading through the Bard’s entire corpus in 2016, chronicling the journey on his site.

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The Real Me

I don’t need  makeup to be attractive

I don’t need to wear low-cut miniskirts to look great

I attract people with my own personality

I always cheerful , faithful, loyal and a good friend

I always given advice  to solve my friends problem

I feels this problem as my own

I won  a little bestfriend  although some of them have left me disappointed….

A beautiful woman doesn’t flirt , she simply smiles.Thats Me!




Long Distance Relationship

I don’t know how to start with all I want to tell you because right at this moment .I am hurting …..

I am hurting because Yes ,I have feeling on you.and I know you have feelings on metoo.The first we spoke  when we introduced ourselves to each other.i never thought would this happen.All I know you are a good listener and have a beautifl smile on me.Yes , I had a crush on you when the moment you showed me that you are interested on me too.We engaged ourselves in a long hours of talking when we are in net .continued it through our whats up messages  and we eventually  move to skype to see each other  face .

We become comfortable to each other that we couldn’t stop talking till late at night .I thought I found the care and attention from you that I have craving for a long time,and we suggested to talk over sleep all night .and I really enjoyed our conversation , eventually our friendship become deeper .you brought me the life that even we are too far each other.we had an excitement things that we never had before to someone .We did a craziest things each other.I felt very happy and I enjoyed every moment with you,and it I enjoyed things we do meet ups and stay as stronger.Day pass and years we comecloser become the highlight of my everyday life living , until one night we started a big crazy arguments and it end up our relationship .

long distance relationship hard to forget ……….

When God answered my prayer…

I work in Kuwait almost 3 years ,Life is not so easy over there .I encountered a lot of trials and burden.when I first get my employer was not good to me . I took care of an old woman who has no legs .she is sick and very ill.but she has a good empression to me ,she like me and she give me a nice after tomorrow I started my work and the day starts for me without rest .she set in her wheelchair ans she also sleep in her wheelchair. everday I always push her wheelchair walking around the house she.she have timeto walk and time when she rested.i cook her food and give her medicine and good thing is she always wants me to talk and she is also friendly .working with her I feel bad because of her situation.every week we went to the hospital for her check up.back at home she always smile at me and say thank you .after a month it was july , she was is the phone and screaming .I was shock and I cant understand her laungage coz its Arabic.then she hang up the phone and she call me and I ask her slowly ,she told me that was the secondwife of his hubby .then after tomorrow she still in the phne and screaming week later we took her in the hospital again for her check up.then things is not good for her .august 5 she was confined in the hospital and I’m alone in the house everyday and his son.they are good family also .but one day AUGUST 12 , My employer (BABA)ask me I was scared because I was alone in the house ,his staring at me .I thank God that nothing happens to me that day .but I have feelings that he will do something on me .but GOD answer my prayer in that moment he protect me out of danger ,at that day I’m not feeling well to stay .I call my agency and I ask I want to leave and please take me and find me another employer.3 days after the daughter of my employer came and she told me her mom is not feeling well and she cant home.then I ask her that I want to back my agency because I’m not happy here.she told me no, then I don’t have choice that time .after 5 days the (baba) camehome and I ask him to send me back in agency I was feeling sad that time because I cant contact my family almost 2 months .sometimes in the night when I was alone that house I wanted to run away but I scared .I don’t  have choice is to wait my (baba).August 18 , he came back and I ask again please send me back to my agency .then I convinced him and he said wait until I come after 2 days, that was August 20, 9:00 am in the morning .he came and he said pack your things , I was overwhelmed happy and I feel free .and then I remember the verse in the bible Acts 18, 9-10 God said, DO NOT BE AFRAID KEEP ON SPEAKING DO NOT BE SILENT FOR I AM WITH YOU .AND NO ONE IS GOING TO ATTACK AND HARM YOU.

At the agency , meet the boss bring me back to his flat to her wife .and met their two daughter.i was helping her wife and she also Filipina.she told me she will take tomorrow back to the office because someone will see me might my new employer .Agust 21 , at the agency I meet 8 Filipina the first timer and the one who has no employer .we are all sitting in the big chair, looks like a sofa , their in the mirrow people look at you .I never thought that they are looking at because they choose us .I was scared again and I never stop praying .prayed that I found a good employer . some of those Filipinas they called their names, I was not lucky enough so at the end of the day I went back to house of the agency manager.after tomorrow I went back again , stting the couch and people are staring us .if I remember it was 1 pm in the afternoon there was 2 woman , come in the office and one woman smile at me .and one is talking to the manager .after 30 minutes they called my name and they said I’m sold .they ask me somany question , then one woman said you pass.then they told me well ill pick you up tomorrow same I said thanks God you answered me agin.but when I get home the manager said the other woman who has a short hair was a shaika (like princess in Kuwait )he told me you are in good hands ,I was crying at night that be thankful for everything .and said GOD I know is your well .thank you for giving me a chance of my choice .I know its hard but in your  name nothing is impossible .I remember this verse in JEREMIAH 29 -11. and jhon 8-32.

Lord Jesus , you bless me in a million ways that inquires faith to believing you oh Lord , AMEN….

Never Give Up on your Dreams.

One of my best decission I ever face in my life is choosing  to walk away from my past and try harder for my best.its been 7 yrs now since i left from my country .making my own decission is doing me great in everyday of my living ,standing my position right now being a mother is too hard for me .but i learn to understad and learned to move on.Never let anyone to steal on your dreams ….P1040562.JPG