Long Distance Relationship

I don’t know how to start with all I want to tell you because right at this moment .I am hurting …..

I am hurting because Yes ,I have feeling on you.and I know you have feelings on metoo.The first we spoke  when we introduced ourselves to each other.i never thought would this happen.All I know you are a good listener and have a beautifl smile on me.Yes , I had a crush on you when the moment you showed me that you are interested on me too.We engaged ourselves in a long hours of talking when we are in net .continued it through our whats up messages  and we eventually  move to skype to see each other  face .

We become comfortable to each other that we couldn’t stop talking till late at night .I thought I found the care and attention from you that I have craving for a long time,and we suggested to talk over sleep all night .and I really enjoyed our conversation , eventually our friendship become deeper .you brought me the life that even we are too far each other.we had an excitement things that we never had before to someone .We did a craziest things each other.I felt very happy and I enjoyed every moment with you,and it I enjoyed things we do meet ups and stay as stronger.Day pass and years we comecloser togethere.you become the highlight of my everyday life living , until one night we started a big crazy arguments and it end up our relationship .

long distance relationship hard to forget ……….


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