A Matter of Choice

A Battered Woman  raised her three sons, living in the ground of nothing with a mysterious ways ,The life she choose at her early age ,because she think it was the best decission she ever made.things happen with many reasons , getting into that life it was a room of darkness , she was threatened badly and it was not that she thought it is.

When that happens she don’t have strength to do what is necessary to do as a wife and a mother .she feels disappointed in her life .she learned to be rude , unpolitely while talking to his hubby .because of his bad habit of beating , slapping, falling the head and hair , splitting the saliva when he is drunk .after that happens she takes action, focus , determination, positivity regarding her situation.She was decided to move on.and think the best of her children, she left and leave her children to educate his hubby to respect her for a while ,to learn his lesson . but nothing change ?she went to find a job to give a  happy life to her children.to send them in a good school and to educate and to have a good future someday when they grow up !

A mother , a wife , a battered wife learned and knows how to love , to live , to move on to keep confident along her way .Even though shes not happy by herself. but she still have a big smile to say , Thank you God for giving me a chance to carry all my burdens  and taking care of all my trials in life .Now after 7 years I wanna say I am quite happy and craving my life to be confident and patience all the time .trying to think positive and build respect and trust .I am patiently waiting for what I deserve? a happiy life with love ?


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