Writing with Gratitude

We have to receive every moment spent writing with gratitude


There are stage in our life where we have more time for creative pursuit,and we have to accept it .

I have been working since I was 5 years old,selling vegetables,and plastic bags on the market .I did it because in my thoughts it helps my family. The way of living that my parent build up is not good as I know . there are time that we don’t have food to eat so I was compromise myself to help my parent in my early age.Im glad to say I mostly manage of my youthful being.There were many times I don’t go to school.It was too much pain to think what kind of life we had .its so bad to compromise , Perhaps.I love what I am doing .its  matter of choice .

I made many comromises on the life I wanted to live ……

I look back now see clearly that it changed me in my profund way , I spent a lot of time grieving what I couldn’t have, couldn’t be , and couldn’t do.it taught me anything , it would be sense  of perspective , and perserverance,it taught me too.

I never stopped working and I never completely stopped working .

Well have things take me us away from my younger age.But the important things for me now is to keep loving who I am today , I guard myself to keep thinking to write , One day I am a writer, and write my own story It may just a thing that keep me going to my dreams,

The love of writing is not altered our age or our situation or even by the obstacle life throws away.It is a fundamental , and enduring , and it is pervasive to our core …..


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