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Originally posted on Nenes Life: I hear quite often that men don’t understand women and they don’t know what we want. It’s not really that difficult, whatever you did in the beginning to win her…just keep doing that. Women know that some men put more effort into the chase, some do it to win her…

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Who i am and Why i am here ?

When I was in caregiver course I have this teacher who share his blog to read. I am resourceful person, so I read his blog and I found out an amazing story of his life .I spoke to him about myself that day .He encourage me to write my own story  too. He told me that , He can arranged and I should exercise my writing skills and it is for my own good…..

A Matter of Choice


A Battered Woman  raised her three sons, living in the ground of nothing with a mysterious ways ,The life she choose at her early age ,because she think it was the best decission she ever made.things happen with many reasons , getting into that life it was a room of darkness , she was threatened badly and it was not that she thought it is.

When that happens she don’t have strength to do what is necessary to do as a wife and a mother .she feels disappointed in her life .she learned to be rude , unpolitely while talking to his hubby .because of his bad habit of beating , slapping, falling the head and hair , splitting the saliva when he is drunk .after that happens she takes action, focus , determination, positivity regarding her situation.She was decided to move on.and think the best of her children, she…

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DayOff Blogging

Congratulations! 200 Likes. I got this message from wordpress a few days ago. I should’ve copied the badge into my site as evidence. Two hundred people read at least one or two of my posts and when they like it, they hit like. They like what I wrote, despite my personal despise with my mediocre work. But, who judges who? In this world of creativity and creations only what I create thrives. It stays around for me. It is the symbol of my own struggles when I overcame my other negative self. To eventually rise from it confidently and bravely. Fighting that inner battle is obviously more crippling because the ally and the enemy are housed in the same body. There is no avoiding or running away from.
And my heart but slightly leapt seeing the victory orange color flying balloons on my screen. I thank wordpress and all the…

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Unconditional love


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This story was told by my grandpa when I was kid.

           There was a small family in a village which consists of a son and his mother, they were from poor background but his mother took care of him without any Shortage/Deficiency, she succeeded in fulfilling each and every needs by working as a maid. Somehow she managed him to grow up.
His owner,where she worked as a maid gave him a gardening job on her mother’s request but what he earned was not sufficient because he was addicted to bad habits to fulfill his habits he was ready to go any extent. Once he dreamt that if he bury his mother’s heart it will turn into gold after 20 days. So he murdered his mother ,took her heart and started running to the outskirts of a village to bury her heart, while running he felled by…

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